#NFL2021 - Week 8

   Welcome to the Week in Review and welcome to the Day of the Backup QB!

#NFL2021 - Week 7

 Welcome to the Week in Review - now with free shipping!  JaguarGator9 over on YouTube called this week "The worst Sunday of football in NFL History."   Damn if doesn't have an argument...

#NFL Week In Review - Week 6

 Welcome to the Week in Review - your booster shot of football nonsense!

#NFL 2021 - Week 5

 Welcome to the Week in Review, where no embarassing email chains exist.  And I can explain the browser history.  

#NFL2021 - Week 4

 Welcome to the Week in Review.   That was $15 down the drain...  

#NFL2021 - Week 3

Welcome to the Week in Review!  Overture! Turn the lights!